Can I install GHI Gadgeteer SDK with Visual Studio 2013?

I have VS2013 on my laptop.

I’ve been reading various forum entries and I am confused whether installing GHI Gadgeteer SDK and .NET MF will work with my version of Visual Studio. From what I gathered, the following is required:

  1. Install .NET Micro Framework V4.3 SDK-R2-Beta (

  2. Install VS2013 integration (

  3. Install .NET Gadgeteer Core ( GHI site states to install version 2.43.900, but there is a newer version 2.43.1000. Can someone confirm which version to install?

  4. Install NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5.

After all this… will everything work like it did in VS2012? With the visual designer, project templates and all that good stuff?


Yes, you can install SDK with VS2013 and all should work.
Personnaly, I have 2.43.900 version installed but perhaps 2.43.1000 is working too.

It will work but we do not officially support it yet

Ok, so I installed all this and indeed, I get the File/New Project experience, after which the I get the .NET Gadgeteer Application Wizard.

However, I can’t find the FEZ Cerbot board here (which is the hardware I have). How do I get it to show up?

@ rgelb - The FEZ Cerbot no longer exists in our SDK. The following codeshare will help you use its onboard components:

@ John - Is the mainboard code for it on Bitbucket? If so it would be easy to compile and install it.

@ Architect - It’s in the git history a few months back. It isn’t supported, but for those who want it, it’s at

@ John - Thank you!

@ rgelb If you would like to recompile it you will need the whole tree.

Look on Gadgeteer codeplex how mainboard projects are organized. You can also find the Gadgeteer Mainboard Designer document on the Codeplex. That document describes how to build mainboard projects. If you do this and run the produced installer, you will see Cerbot in VS.

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@ Gentlemen,

If I wanted to roll back to a previous version of the SDK that contained the FEZ Cerbot, which is the last version to have that?

@ rgelb - You’ll want 2014 R1. Just remember that it isn’t supported anymore since it is 4.2.

I have some questions about this:

  1. Seeing how I installed .NET Micro Framework V4.3 SDK-R2-Beta, installing GHI SDK 2014 R1 won’t make the Fez Cerbot board appear in the list of selections, because its compiled against .NET MF 4.2. Correct?

  2. If I do go the path of compiling the code, as mentioned in the previous post (, where do I place the resulting DLL? Will this make the Fez Cerbot board appear in the list of selections?


@ rgelb - When you build main board project in Release it creates installable executable. That will do everything that is needed for VS to see the new Cerbot mainboard. So you don’t have to worry about the location.