Can I add an item to an order?

I forgot to add Gadgeteer Assorted Cables to my order, as my cart kept expiring while I was getting everything together.

Is there some way I can add it?

We do not usually allow for manual changes on order to reduce the overhead involved. Instead, we like to make this possible to you directly on website in future.

… so please email direly to figure out how we are to charge you for these.

That’s fine then, it can wait till my next order. Don’t want to cause you guys trouble.

@ Gus - This is the chosen answer (Gus earned 50 points). - What benefits do you get? :slight_smile:

On a more serious note…When the G120’s become available is it better economics for GHI if i buy direct off you or go thru Mouser?

Thanks Gus, Christine assisted me and was able to add the cables to my order.

I think he saves them for a later donation :)… wouldn’t that be nice… GUS donating his points to a worthy Community user…

i would elect me to be the first beneficiary since i thought of the idea LOL

@ Jay Jay - i guess if you don’t ask you don’t get :wink: