CAN DW module with G120 borad

How can I program in C# to receive a message from CAN DW?
Sorry I am new for this.
the program I wrote may be very stupid. Please teach me something, thank you!

//count the number of messages that recieved
            can_dw2.InitializeCAN(100/*bitRate*/, 100/*receiveBufferSize*/);
            int receivedmessagecount = can_dw2.GetReceivedMessagesCount();
            string receivedmessagecountStr = receivedmessagecount.ToString();
            Debug.Print("the number of messages that recieved is"+receivedmessagecountStr);
            display_TE35.SimpleGraphics.DisplayText("the number of messages that recieved is  "+receivedmessagecountStr, Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.NinaB), GT.Color.Red, 20, 50);

Please check CAN examples in the Documents section:

@ Architect -
OK, I will read them ,thank you!!