CAN Bus on Cerberus

Does the Cerberus or Cerb40 support CAN Bus? I have a Panda II and I’m using it for NMEA2000/CAN work… Works great, but I think the Cerb40 is even smaller and faster. The thing is that I need something that supports CAN.

The processor can support CAN but I do not know offhand if the CAN pins are connected to any IO.

Yes CAN is available on Cerberus and cerb40. As for the software, it yet to be contributed buy community or added by GHI. You can see socket type C for CAN.

This should help as well


I don’t see any plans on Codeplex to include the CAN bus.
Does GHI have plans to include CAN in the OSHW library ?


We have this

To Andreas7

Hi Andreas

Did you get you Nmea2000 project to work

I have bought a Cerberus and a CAN-DW and would like to play with my nmea 2000 data


I’ve used canbus on he Cerb with net drivers found on the codeshare part of this site. Worked fine for my app.