Can ARM MBED be legally and robustly used in commercial products?

I’m looking for a simple but reliable microcontroller platform (chip plus API) for modules that will be integrated in a product that we are developing for a customer (in this case a 8 channels RS232 current sensor based on ACS714 but this question is meant to have a broader scope).

In a previous thread someone mentioned the MBED platforms, and after some research I found the Cortex M02 (LPC1114 ) and the MBED libraries were a good match.

It sounds like the MBED libraries are more “professional” than the Arduino, but I do not know its story and I can’t spot any flaws in the code. What is your experience and knowledge of the MBED platform when it comes to integrating it into commercial products?

P.S. I think here is more appropriate than stack overflow as it is related to hardware level programming.

Welcome to the forum.

I would have thought the place to target this question would be the ARM/Mbed forum, so you get feedback from people probably doing a lot of this. As you might see, here’s all about GHI products, not all of which at mbedded, which means you might not get a lot of other feedback here.

As far as suitability my thoughts (as a home user) is that there are worse things to choose. Jack posts a bit on this topic The Embedded Muse 276

I apologize for placing the question at a wrong place, but if someone can help me,I will be more than happy.

@ Brett - OK, I am sorry for placing my question here. :’(

you don’t need to apologise, I just predict there aren’t that many folks here using GHI’s mbed products commercially (as opposed to as enthusiasts).