Can anyone guess

…what this does?


controls your heli?

Nothing until you give it some power :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Architect


I wanted to do some testing without the extra variable of networking code. Definitely adds to the responsiveness.

But…it seems like the Joystick is pretty noisy, so I’m going to have to find a way to filter out the noisiness and get a cleaner signal.

The Tamiya universal plate makes it pretty easy to assemble. The only components I actually bolted down are the ones requiring standoffs. The rest, I just used the press fittings (they’re the orange things in the pic) that came with the universal plates.They make it really quick to add and remove modules.

@ KartAssist


I didn’t bother including the battery pack in the pic. :slight_smile:

Have you seen this one?!

I have made the same thing but with controlling CCTV cameras PTZ. Unfortunately it’s only a geek example, nothing that can find it’s way to commercial product i think :wink:

@ Architect

I like his implementation, but not only did I do it first, I did it using sockets, rather than running the board from the laptop directly. :slight_smile:

Now I’m just frustrated with myself for not having posted a video of my demo earlier so I could document my having done it first. :o

@ devhammer - when are we going to get a peek at that (kinect-tyfing the S107) code?

@ ransomhall

LOL…as soon as I get it in a form where I won’t be embarrassed to show it.

I said I used sockets…I didn’t say that I used them well. :slight_smile:

In fact, it would be more accurate to say that my networking code is crap, and in desperate need of a rewrite that I have no time for. :-[

But soon, my friend, soon…

I’ve got a couple S107s at the office, and have managed to get a few coworkers into doing “flight lessons” at lunchtime once or twice a week. With your help, I can seriously ramp up my geek cred at these sessions. I’ve yet to dig into the Kinect SDK. This sounds like a fun first app, particularly with the range I should be able to get on your “Super IR Blaster” module :slight_smile:

Check out my Joystick driver. I spent a fair amount of time working on that problem and creating a more logical driver for a joystick. I think my latest version is checked in…

Thanks, Ian. I’ll have a look at that when I get a chance to jump back on that project.

For the moment, my actual job is calling and needs to take priority. :slight_smile:

I have been having a hard time working out how to use the joystick any one have a good introduction to this

@ swestcott

Can you elaborate on what you’re having a hard time with? If it’s the jittery nature of the joystick, I can post the code I’m using to deal with that.

I found a good example in the snake Game I just was not looking in the correct places the F1 help on the module does not have a lot on X-Y movement