Can a FEZ Cerb40 II act as a HID device?

I want to be able to send keystrokes to a PC when connected.

I also need the PC to power the Cerb, which I believe is possible with the II.

At one time we had a table that showed all of the mainboards and what their capabilities were. (USB Client, etc.) Does that still exist?


@ EricM - The board/chip has the capability to support USB client. The OSHW devices are waiting to the community and/or GHI to implement.

The II schematic shows a USB connections and 3.3V regulator. You should be able to power from PC.

So the hardware has the feature, but the community hasn’t added support for it yet?

It looked like USB Client was complete for the Cerb devices … doesn’t this include HID support?


@ EricM - While the Cerb family documentation says USB client is done, there are no supporting classes in the lastest OSHW SDK. Maybe this is an indication of what is in the next SDK? :slight_smile:

Too bad … had a neat idea for a tool to help our field engineers.


You could do it with a FEZ Cobra II (Eco) or a Panda II. Not much more money… Just a little bigger.

yeah, but the CerbII form factor would have been ideal. The Cobra and Panda would be too big.

They already have a tiny keyboard that they use and I was looking for something even smaller that was idiot proof.