Camera options

Im looking at the repos, and i cannot find the link between
CameraController and I2CDevice Ov9655
TinyCLR-Drivers/Ov9655.cs at dev · ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Drivers (
TinyCLR-Libraries/Camera.cs at dev · ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Libraries (

how does camera controller know about ov9655?

also i want to know if the rest of the cameras on this list will just “work”?? (specifically Ov5640)
General Cameras (

i see there are //Todo comments for higher resolutions, so i would say no

There is a parallel camera interface to read the image data, this is like TFT display but the other way! But also, cameras usually have I2C bus to set the configuration and load firmware…etc. I2C and camera interface is not connected directly or needed together except the camera happen to need both!

By reading ID by I2C.

Each camera has different driver, configuration. You need to provide the driver (same way we provided OV9655.cs).

Is it in NativeApi? sorry i just cant see it.

Looking at the ov9655, it cant be that hard to make new drivers. Im gonna buy a few modules.

The driver for specific camera is in C#, not native.
Only the controller is in native, and same for all camera.