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"Camera module" pluggable to "FEZ mini Robot kit"?



is it possible to plug the “camera module” directly to the “FEZ mini Robot kit”?
(I need to plug a “camera” and a “distance sensor” at least, but the more the merrier :slight_smile: )

Or is additonally another “mainboard module” needed to plug the camera to the robot kit? Which module would you suggest?


Gadgeteer modules only work on gadgeteer.

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Sorry, I dont exactly understand.
Would this gadgeteer camera work directly with the “FEZ mini robot kit”? Or do I need to plug the camera to another gadgeteer module, and plug then the gadgeteer module to the “FEZ mini robot kit”?


The gadgeteer modules will only work with gadgeteer.
If you need a camera for your robot, you could use the gadgeteer for capturing images, but that would not be ideal and expensive also.

Maybe (!) a serial camera would work, but I am not sure if the mini has enough memory for that?


If the product has the word “Gadgeteer” in its name it can not be used with the Robot Kit.


Off topic question: Can the camera be used with the EMX module or a board that uses EMX like the Cobra? Seeing as Gadgeteer uses EMX…


The Gadgeteer camera is USB, but the Cobras USB host pins are wired to USB host jack.

I guess you could use an extender module and then wire it to a USB plug, and then it should work.


Hehe. I was dumbly assuming it would use the camera interface on the CPU… :slight_smile: