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Calling some Aussies


Hi there,

Australian based people, please put up your hand.

I have a couple of the CANxtra devices that were run-out from GHI a few months ago, that I am willing to part with. They are based on the Embedded Master module, the predecessor for the EMX. This module is only supported with a NetMF 4.1 firmware, but this is a robust and well regarded place to be.

I’m willing to send these to someone in AU who wants one; these particular ones do NOT come with the CANxtra display or the case that the full device cames in, and they don’t come with a serial cable (so you’ll probably want to make one up) is one of the pages talking about the device. is the instructions to update the firmware.

brett underscore pound at Hotmail dot com is my email address; drop me a line - telling me what you want it for isn’t mandatory but will help if there’s a high demand for them :slight_smile:


Clear out for new toys?
Very generous offer.


More the realisation that I really don’t have enough time to play with all the toys I have :slight_smile:


bounce… Thanks GHI for whacking it on FB… so far still no takers !


Hi Brett,

I would like a CanXtra board. I plan to use it to build a prototype of a network appliance to control a few devices around the house.



Ding Ding, first reply to Lama, one will be on the way to Adelaide soon !


After a little bit of a delay (who ever said post offices should be shut at 6pm in the evening?! :slight_smile: ) Lama’s device is on the way to Adelaide


And Lama has confirmed the arrival of his care package.

If there’s another Aussie in need of another, let me know