Calling event handlers from module doesn't work when using Gadgeteer.Timer

I change source code for TemperatureHumidity module to work with Pins (I have Cerb40). The only change in code is constructor.
I experienced some really strange problem in calling event:

 protected virtual void RaiseMeasurementCompleteEvent(object sender, double temperature, double relativeHumidity)
            if (_OnMeasurementComplete == null) 
                _OnMeasurementComplete = new MeasurementCompleteEventHandler(RaiseMeasurementCompleteEvent);
            if (Program.CheckAndInvoke(MeasurementComplete, _OnMeasurementComplete, sender, temperature, relativeHumidity))  //PROBLEM LINE
                MeasurementComplete(sender, temperature, relativeHumidity);

CheckAndInvoke returns true and the event is called. But when I use Gadgeteer.Timer in Main method of Cerb40, the CheckAndInvoke returns false. Only when creating an object. It doesn’t have anything with adding Gadgeteer library to References.

        public static void Main()
            module = new TemperatureHumidityIO(Pin.PC0, Pin.PC1);            
            Gadgeteer.Timer timer;
            timer = new Gadgeteer.Timer(new TimeSpan(0, 10, 0));     //WHEN NOT IN COMMENT, THE CheckAndInvoke RETURNS FALSE.

Can someone explain to me this behaviour please.
Do I have to change the event caller method, or not using Gadgeteer.Timer (only System.Threading.Timer)?

Is this a Gadgeeter project? If so, you should not be including any initialization code in the Main method. That is what ProgramStarted is for…

If it is not a Gadgeteer project, then why are you using a Gadgeteer timer?

I am confused…

Dispatcher runs on the same thread as your program code.
Any method which contains an infinite loop will prevent the dispatcher from notifying your
program about events.

It is not Gadgeteer (Cerb40). I am using Gadgeteer.Timer because it’s nicer. ;D And I didn’t have any problems until now. (I am using the same code in Cobra II) :slight_smile:
So using System.Threading.Timer is a way to go?

CheckAndInvoke is also a Gadgeteer method. I would expect that using Gadgeteer stuff in a non-Gadgeeter project would cause all sorts of funny things to happen… or not happen…

As far as not having problems until now… I would have to review the Gadgeeter code to answer that question. But that would not be productive.

I would use the Thread timer.

as tvinko said.
NETMF uses only one thread for all timers, and probably also the same thread for events.
So any timer / event must return before the next one can execute.
You have to make sure that the code in the event / timer callbacks is really short.
You could start a thread or signal a waiting thread to start in callback for example.
For some situations my thread pool comes in handy: