Ca I use a L298 to control a 12 V 30 watt cartridge heater

I know this may sound strange just checking.
Any other ideas would be appreciated.

sounds to me that you want a relay here…

I agree, a relay, or even a big MOSFET would be exactly what you want.

Thanks guys, I know a relay will give me on/off.
I want variable control.

Solid State relay, and use PWM.

Load module?

Yes you can but… 12V and 30W means 2.5A. If I look at the datasheet of the L298 the saturation voltage at 2.5A is about 2V. This means that you need to cool the L298 with a heatsink that can dissipate 2.5A x 2V = 5W. And the heater is supplied with 10V instead of 12V. Better option would be a MOSFET with a low Ron (means low power dissipation). As an example look at the NXP MOSFET PSMN1R1-30PL. Source to gnd, connect heater to drain and your power supply and connect gate to an output port.
Does this help?

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That is what I was looking for.
Thanks for the suggestion. I will go that route.

Thanls Materie