C# training

If you feel the need (as I do) for some formal education in C#, there is free Microsoft class starting April 7. It is aimed at programmers who want an introduction to C# and .NET.



Don’t overlook http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/


Slightly related:

This is possibly a little old (2008) but it is still online and still useful for someone also wanting to learn WPF:

Just keep in mind that Expression Blend has been more or less merged into visual studio since then… But it’s still a good resource IMHO…

But if you guys know of a more recent, similar resource for WPF with vs2012/2013 I’d like to know.

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There’s also this series on Channel 9, for folks who like video training:


Well, I am hoping that this is not a beginner’s class, but for those with a programming background. I guess I’ll report back in a few weeks.

We’ve got several good resources in this thread for later searchers.

@ mtylerjr - wpf is just glossy Forms, be honest

And .NET Micro Framework is just a bloated Arduino.

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Lol :slight_smile:

You may try this one : WPF Tutorial

If you code WPF the same as WinForms then sure… If you use databinding and other new WPF capabilities such as triggers, styling, DirectX then its a game changer. There are almost 10x more libraries in WPF as there are in WinForms. More than just glossy… :slight_smile:

The DataBinding, Templating and Styling capabilities in WPF are really great.
But what I like most is the easy layouting without much thinking how big the screen and windows will be on the target system.
If you keep it clean (no absolute positions, simple margings, …) then everything scales by itself nearly perfect.

Just realized that the C# Fundamentals class on Channel 9 that I mentioned is also available from MS Virtual Academy, with assessments and more, in addition to just the video content: