C# Starter guide for Gadgeteer


Just a general question but does anyone know of a good introduction guide to using Gadgeteer with C#. I have had a look at the book on Amazon - Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer but it is a little out of date.

It is for a school project so we are only looking at doing basic projects at this stage - timers, stopwatches, cameras, nothing really advanced. We will be using Spider boards and C#.

If anyone has stumbled across anything useful I would be really grateful.


@ Linkin1977 - I was at the Maker Faire in New York City this weekend and saw the draft of an introduction to Gadgeteer book at the Microsoft exhibit. It was for Visual Basic, and I do not know if there will be a C# version. the book is targeted for educational programs, and uses GHI devices. I heard it would be available in two weeks. I believe it will be free.

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