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C# Naming Conventions


Could you please use the Microsoft naming guidelines: in the SDK ?

Underscores are ugly : StartCDC_WithDebugging :stuck_out_tongue:

I realize it’s too late for the existing APIs but you could use them for the new ones


That is a very good suggestion.


This has been bugging me as well. I’d like to see the existing API done with MS’s best practices in mind.


I believe your suggestion is very good. But maybe it is late for the existing libraries.


Put Foekie on the job and will be updated by this evening :slight_smile:


The problem is that customers have already implemented the current naming convention in their program. If it get’s changed, that will mess up. Doesn’t VS have a tool to correct that?


I don’t think so, at least not I am aware of in VS Express.

GHI could, however, use the revised names while including legacy references (either directly in the class, or with a set of extension methods separately referenced).


There is the obsolete attribute. You could eventually get rid of the old names in a few turns of the crank.


“Could you please use the Microsoft naming guidelines”

Thank you!. And hope others remember no lower case (i.e. java ) first char method names or properties or classes.


This is something that bugs me as well haha. Unfortunately once introduced into closed source libraries it can be difficult to remove (or take quite a few iterations of code to do so).

Chris, you’re thinking of the refactor tool in VS, which can rename all references - but only in projects you have loaded. So this would do nothing for customer libraries.