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The GHI SDK has a .chm file which is useful for browsing through the classes, how was this generated, is it done with ndoc or sandcastle, does anyone have any recommendations


At school we use sandcastle…


When I bought Visual studio 6. They shipped it with a free copy of HTML workshop it creates .chm files… I haven’t looked at 2010 ( doesn’t come with the express version )

Easy to use tool though

Cheers Ian


I never understood MS’s resistence to provide a comprehensive (and extentable) solution to this. It is low hanging fruit IMO that most devs would use and would just provide one more reason to use VS and great value add. There should be a checkbox in the project page that just gens a chm or html page in the project directory without having to look for 3rd party solutions which are difficult to use or out of date or dropped.


I don’t think it is “resistence” related. It all comes to priorities of the new features. Visual Studio team is doing a great job with each new release.


It’s not cheap for a hobbyist - RoboHelp


I agree they do a good job each release. No complaints. Just that it has been a void in their VS story for 10+ years. I have seen a few half hearted attempts over the years. I think it is past time to address it and assign a resource and get it done. Similar story was Powershell. Bill G. resisted a new shell for years thinking was good enouph and people just did not need another shell or ksh port or was not a sexy new feature. He was wrong. Powershell has filled a major void in their mgmt story and has drawn many from the dark side. I suggest it as a good investement for them. It will just make the whole ecosystem better, which would help them far more then its initial cost.


HTML workshop is still there on the MS web site

This is for making .chm files not the awfull help tool that MS once supplied, this one uses hh.exe and looks good

Cheers Ian


Highly recommend sandcastle. I use it for most projects I work on commercially.


Sandcastle was about a long time ago, but it seems to still be active, I was wondering if the GHI guys would say what they use


We use Sandcastle.