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Buying The Right Hardware for a Project


I am new to the hardware side of things so am looking for some advice.
I currently have a stand alone RFID reader writer that accepts TTL serial communication via pins and although I can connect directly to a PC via a USB port and control it via a Dot NET app I’ve written I want to make it completely stand alone and portable.

So I am looking for a Dot NET programmable Microcontroller (maybe the Fez Cobra 111?)
that I can use and a simple touch screen that I can put a couple of touch buttons on and display some data
I want to get everything I would need at once so controller, screen, cables, any software I might need for the controller Besides Visual Studio of course.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I’m a software developer by trade so hopefully that side of things should be too much of a drama as I’ve already written most of what I need and imagine I would just need to adpt it to the Controller.

All the best



I would get the Cobra and the display adapter. Or the G120 dev board.