Buyer beware - Cerbuino Net

Please can somebody at GHI add a note on the Cerbuino Net catalog page to warn buyers that the new ethernet port and vertical USB port effectively means that most shields won’t fit on the board. To make it worse, there is a real risk of the metal housing on the Ethernet port causing a short on shields.

Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

I had the same issue even with a normal Arduino board before and I used a set of extension connectors to get around the issue. Might be worth adding a note about this too Gus?

@ Dave McLaughlin - Nice addition / solution :clap:

And to be clear @ Gus … the Cerbuino Net board is a great addition to your line-up. I especially love the addition of the little LDR button to invoke loader mode - saves you from having to dismantle the project to get to the jumper ;D

@ JackN - even cerbuino bee now has the button :slight_smile: