Button S7

I am trying to use the Button S7. In using the code below, only one button will fire the event. Sender has no info of which button was pushed, and I cannot see the others being pushed. What am I missing? Using 4.2 with the FEZ Raptor. I can find no applications information on how to use it.

        Private Sub buttonS7_EnterPressed(sender As ButtonS7, state As ButtonS7.EnterStates) Handles buttonS7.EnterPressed
            Debug.Print("Sender " & sender.ToString)
        End Sub

Thanks in advance…

This is the event for the button “enter”.

Build one for each button I think.

I do not think other buttons have events. You will need to read when needed. This is due to the history of having one interrupt pin on a gadgeteer socket.

That is correct, the event is only for the Enter button. Only pin 3 is guaranteed to have interrupt capability. To get interrupts for the other buttons, you will manually have the poll the buttons in a thread and raise custom events yourself.