Button S7 board

Is there any examples on how to use this?

Unfortunately, the developers guides were removed from the catalog. Here is a paste of the Dev Guide:

ButtonS7 Module

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The Developer Guides require the user to be familiar with using the Visual Studio designer to add and connect modules to mainboards, create event handlers, call methods, and set properties on objects. If you are new to Gadgeteer development, please start by working through the Tutorials: First Gadgeteer Project

The ButtonS7 is a set of seven buttons laid out as a directional keypad. Each button has two LEDs which light when the button is pressed (for visual effect when used with acrylic or other enclosures).

One of the buttons, the “Enter” button in the center of the keypad, generates an interrupt and raises events when pressed or released. The directional buttons must be polled for status. Check the state of a button by using the IsPressed(ButtonS7.Buttons b) method.

Remember, don’t use an endless loop in the ProgramStarted method - it will keep any events from firing. Use a timer to poll for status.

The LED7C module only has one method: SetColor. This method takes a LED7C.LEDColor as the parameter. The color can take any of the following values: Blue, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Red, White, Yellow, or OFF.
Example : Setting Color of LED7C Module Based on Button Input

using System.Threading; 
using Microsoft.SPOT; 
using GHIElectronics.Gadgeteer; 
using Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics; 
namespace LED7C_Dev_Guide_Demo 
    public partial class Program 
        Gadgeteer.Timer myTimer = new Gadgeteer.Timer(100); 
       // This method is run when the mainboard is powered up or reset.    
        void ProgramStarted() 
            buttonS7.EnterPressed += buttonS7_EnterPressed; 
            buttonS7.EnterReleased += buttonS7_EnterReleased; 
            myTimer.Tick += myTimer_Tick; 
        void myTimer_Tick(Gadgeteer.Timer timer) 
            if (buttonS7.IsPressed(ButtonS7.Buttons.Back)) led7c.SetColor(LED7C.LEDColor.Blue); 
            if (buttonS7.IsPressed(ButtonS7.Buttons.Down)) led7c.SetColor(LED7C.LEDColor.Cyan); 
            if (buttonS7.IsPressed(ButtonS7.Buttons.Forward)) led7c.SetColor(LED7C.LEDColor.Green); 
            if (buttonS7.IsPressed(ButtonS7.Buttons.Left)) led7c.SetColor(LED7C.LEDColor.Magenta); 
            if (buttonS7.IsPressed(ButtonS7.Buttons.Right)) led7c.SetColor(LED7C.LEDColor.Red); 
            if (buttonS7.IsPressed(ButtonS7.Buttons.Up)) led7c.SetColor(LED7C.LEDColor.Yellow); 
        void buttonS7_EnterReleased(ButtonS7 sender, ButtonS7.EnterStates state) 
        void buttonS7_EnterPressed(ButtonS7 sender, ButtonS7.EnterStates state) 


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Yes, thank you … I will be coding as soon as I get a moment spare!