Button module sometimes fires wrong events using FEZ Spider II

And my only input prior to this was about Jack’s debounce page vs the PDF… so when you asked “And Brett… why is that”, I clarified !

So, to summarize.
[ul]It could be a problem in MF4.3 combined with G120E. (Then this is the wrong forum?)
The problem could be because of denouncing logic. As far as I understand, I would expect either[ol]Extra events or
Latency.[/ol]I regularly get none.[/ul]
Is it a common problem? Is it my hardware? Can I help to make it better?

it’s a hardware problem. These are not ultra reliable switches. it’s possible that applying a small amount of sideways force instead of perpendicular will change the result. You could potentially change the button itself, or you could create your own, but all buttons will have these kinds of issues. Will this dramatically change the usability of your system? If so, you might want to think about using a capacitive touch button option.

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