Button Issue

I am reflashing the firmware. I am now getting an exception in tinyclr on every debug session. back in 5…

What is the hardware version number of the button you got? is it Button 1.2 or Button 1.3?

Reflashed, exception cleared though button has same symptoms. rapid presses results in 4 or 5 event fires out of maybe 30-40 presses.

Happy to help debug more if you need.

button version 1.3

Mine says 1.3

My 1.2 button works fine.

My information was incorrect… see Gus response below.

Randy Towns

Found the problem, see this please http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/21/4276/

Thanks for chasing it down. Will use the joystick button in meantime per rjtowns suggestion.

Hi Gus, So i switched the code to work on ButtonReleased, the issue now is i get 2 events per click. Basically: 1 click = “Hello I am a button!” “Hello I am a button!”

I assume now that you know the problem will a future firmware update fix this issue? If so I can use the joystick till then.


Yes and yes :slight_smile:

Gus and team,

Thanks for all your help, and adressing this so quickly!

This is the best toy since …(plastic bricks that you make things out of as a kid) :slight_smile:


We are always here to help. Let us know if we can help any further.