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Button Caps?


Anyone found a good supplier for plastic caps for the GHI button module? My arcade cabinet enclosure should arrive soon, so I’d like to find something to give my button a little more finished look.


Don’t have a button in front of me to measure at the moment, but something like the buttons at looks promising. I’ll check the measurements when I get into the office, but it would be good to hear if you find something.


Thanks for info kenny and welcome to the community.


@ KennySpade

Thanks for the suggestion…I should’ve thought to check Sparkfun. Would ideally like to get just the caps, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a few buttons laying around for breadboarding purposes. :slight_smile:


Looks like the Sparkfun caps are sized for 3.8mm, but I measured the Gadgeteer buttons at close to 2.8mm, so they probably wouldn’t work without some extra work. I found one cap at a local store, but they were only labeled as Button for Push Switch. I’ll post a picture that shows how it looks in a bit.


I have a Gadgeteer button module & those buttons from Sparkfun. I can confirm the do not fit.


I was thinking about just soldering some leads on the the module and I have a nice big Arcade style button to attach to it I am going to put it on the side of the cabinet


why not just use the 3-pin converter board and use any button you want and not risk a module?


Hi everyone!

The manufacturer of the button module should know the manufacturer of the button. Who produces this kind of button should also produce the caps that fit on this thing.
It seems to be the least popular smd-button on the planet. :wink: