Butten pressed interrupt in Hydra RLP light


I want to handle butten pressed interrupt from RLP (c code).

Can someone help me with this? which register i should check to see if this interrupt already fired?

@ shm3 - Dealing with interrupts from RLPLite on the Hydra will possibly be a challenge. Maybe you can explain what it is that you want to achieve, there could be an easier alternative, why not handle the interrupt in managed code and call into RLP when the interrupt is triggered for example.


I am using Hydra as I2C device (slave).i tried to work with managed code but it is too slowly so i need to use RLP. the point is that most of the code is rlp and i want to give the user of this device ability to stop the running by using butten.
i have other way to stop running (like rs232) but also want to register to butten pressed event in RLP.
I know i dont use rlp in the regular way, but those are the requirements…

handle the interrupt in managed code and having a RLP function which will set a flag to tell the background RLP ode to terminate.

Is this a long running RLPLite function that you want to interrupt? If so then you are not going to be able to do anything from the managed side because none of the managed events etc. will run until the RLPLite function has completed.

If you are using a long running RLPLite function, I am a little concerned that this might not be the ideal situation and even if I can provide you with a way to handle interrupts, I will need to investigate this, from RLPLite etc. I am concerned that I might just be helping you further down the wrong path.

RLP/RLPLite is best suited to atomic functions which need to run blindingly fast and complete relatively quickly, but ultimately NETMF stays in controls. If you are building a system where NETMF just kicks of a long running RLPLite function and never sees the light of day again then this is probably not the best use of your hardware.

Maybe you can explain a little more about your challenge and your ultimate goal so that I or others might help you get the most out of your board.

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