BuiltInEthernet issue

So you mean it works fine without display?

yes. It also works fine with character display

That is a very interesting observation. This should help us in investigating TinyCLR.

Hello and happy new year.
I was out during the holidays and saw the conversation about LCD and Ethernet communication when I got back.
So does this mean that we can’t use Ethernet communication reliably because we have a LCD display? This is going to be a big problem for us.

Is there a plan to fix this? Is there a work around that we can use?

We are certain that is the case and honestly it doesn’t make sense. What I suggest is we discuss what you are doing directly with our engineers and see what the best path might be. We are now in the middle of the switch from NETMF to TinyCLR so your timing and future plans are a big factor of the solution.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll get in touch with your engineering group.