Build a clock this weekend!

If you all haven’t been following the story of Ahmed Mohamed then check it out. Hackaday is encouraging everyone to build a clock this weekend in support of him and it would be awesome to see a ton of NETMF clocks thrown into the mix. This is a good opportunity to build something simple and get some good exposure for it. So, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend you now have an excuse to make something! Be sure and post a link here if you do.


@ ianlee74 - I tend to think of it as more a Maker Badge such as:

Arrested and Device Seized by Local Police
Arrested and Device Seized by State Police
Arrested and Device Seized by FBI
Arrested and Device Seized by CIA
Arrested and Device Seized by NSA
Arrested and Device Seized by Agency That Doesn’t Have An Official Name
Device Seized, bag placed over head and flown to unknown location to discuss manufacturing said device.

Ahmed got his first badge at 14, a good start.

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@ Duke Nukem - I’m betting he doesn’t see it that way. Poor kid is probably scared to death.

@ ianlee74 - Everyone is scared the first time, after that…

When I read that I thought those were all things that happened to this guy. My first thought was “change your name to William Jones” or something… jeez

I always thought a Nixie Tube Gadgeteer module that could daisy chain would be awesome.

I’ve built a nixie clock but it was AVR powered, not NETMF. I should design a NETMF one as I have heaps of Russian nixies lying around my workshop.

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I have a better Idea, start a go fund me campagin to sue the…

Was going to post something more colorful but decided not to. HE SHOULD SUE. That is America!

Found this…

This is likely not the first time a student has been punished for ingenuity, creativity and passion;

I’m actually fascinated by this story. In college a guy did bring a homemade digital clock to class to show the data structures lecturer (i think it was data structures class). I wasn’t there but she said that she got apprehensive and asked if it was a bomb. The guy was like, no it’s a clock. This was 2002. Fear because of a lack of understanding.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the full story…

[QUOTE] I have heaps of Russian nixies lying around my workshop.

Do they have those cool upside down 2s for 5s?

My question about the upside down 2s for 5s was a serious question.

I’ve been looking for some old IN14 or IN16 nixie tubes at affordable prices for an idea for awhile…

I really like the old Soviet era “reuse-the-upside-down-2-for-motherland-efficiency” tubes

Yeah, the Russian ones use the upside down 2’s which kind of look naff to me but they are cheap.

I also have 8 Mullard ZM1162A ones that have proper 5’s and they cost me a packet on eBay a few years ago. :slight_smile:

Original late 60’s I think was the date they were made.

Based on the resurgence of interest and demand for nixie tubes I not sure why someone hasn’t started making them again or is it the nostalgia of a bottle of vodka in one hand and a one size wrench that hits anything in the other hand of a crazed Russian shivering in the glow of a nixie tube that makes them so valuable?