Build 2015

On Channel 9 you see the sessions:

Here the link to the IoT sessions:

Have fun with the sessions 8)


Who is going to be there?

I’d add at least these two to the IoT sessions:

The first Clemens’ (Vasters) input on IoT and security is always worthwhile.
The second Clemens (Szyperski) is of course also interesting, as he is one of the founders of Oberon microsystems :wink:

Otherwise I’d be interested in what Erich Gamma will show.

But unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend :frowning:



This should be a good one

In Windows 10 we have enabled the creation of the next generation of intelligent devices. In this session you’ll learn about how to leverage the value of Windows when building these next generation devices based on hardware like the Raspberry Pi 2, as well as how to extend your Windows devices with the capabilities provided by .NETMF and Arduino. We will demonstrate how we have extended the platform to include support for popular Internet of Things (IoT) hardware interfaces (like GPIO and I2C) to enable you to build rich devices based on the Raspberry Pi 2 (from fun DIY arcade machines through life-saving flood-detection systems) Additionally we will teach you how to use our remote wiring and virtual shields open-source libraries to create innovative new solutions. With remote wiring you can add Arduino Wiring calls into your apps that execute on a remotely (BT) connected Arduino device; similarly with our virtual shields library you will learn how to expose your device’s capabilities to a remotely connected Arduino device. Finally we’ll be showing you the latest improvements we’ve made to the .NETMF and how these are being leveraged by our partners to create compelling new hardware.


Raspberry pi running Windows 10

Presentation deck for the Windows 10 IoT Deck is already on-line …


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My guess (and it’s a good one

@ Valkyrie-MT - Your smiley/blinky seems to mess up the entry …

just making my popcorn now…

Ok I’m back from my HoloLens roundtable. Ok, so the picture that has the computer name is the Windows 10 UI when no app is running on the pi. You’ll also notice that you can create a UI with full xaml. There is a pic of it in VS and of it running. Also, boot time is 30 seconds right now, but could be faster by release. It also takes a few more seconds to get an IP. Wifi drivers are in the works (via USB on the pi). If you have any questions, I might be able to ask them. I am in the iot talk now and might get a shot at the end.

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Oh yeah, my guess is the image will be available within the next 2 hours at the windows on devices site. I think…

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Microsoft just announced that the images for raspberry pi and minnowboarrd? are now available.

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More here

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It’s 4:00 AM, I’m not sleeping, and my dream is coming true! :clap:

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Ok it is safe now to say that we have used Windows 10 on these tiny devices and we are very impressed to say the least.


It was worth watching that presentation if only to get the links rajesh posted above! I’ll be giving the image a whirl on an RPi2 I’ve been saving just for this announcement in the very near future. Yeehaw!

Great conference!

Guess what I found.

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