BUG: Website Profile URL Not Accepted

Since someone thought it was a great idea to kill the Task Tracker I guess we now submit bugs here???

I’m trying to update my profile and add a URL. If I try to add this one it complains…


It will add this one just fine…



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@ ianlee74 - We’ve added it to our internal tracker for now, thanks.

So it’s actually not a bug and specific to LinkedIn, we put in a work around and it should be all set now.

Hmmm… Odd definition of a bug. Of course its a bug. If your form can’t take a simple string of text and turn it into a URL without blowing up then its a problem on your end. Now, maybe you’re doing other stuff on the backend that’s not compatible with whatever LinkedIn is doing but from my point of view (as a user) it’s absolutely a bug in your system. Sorry, had to take advantage of being “just a user” for a moment :smiley:

It seems to have worked this time. Thanks!

@ ianlee74 - stupid forum. Awesome quick support though :wink:


Best support anywhere! Almost like wearing suspenders.


@ ianlee74 - roflmao :clap:

… and a belt…

Now let’s not get out of control here, @ Mike. We are talking about a 5 month response time… :whistle:

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