Budget plan GHI hardware for Cellular + SD + Display?

I am ready to start building an app, and want to use the NETMF instead of arduino.

I really like the GHI stuff, and I love the support. But the cost is almost 2x doing it on netduino (and on netduino, I can develop on ethernet before going to cellular at no addl cost).

Any suggestions to make the cool GHI stuff more in reach?

(I may end up making 10 or more of these units, but only one for now to get it working).


It seems like your comparing the Cadillac of GHI’s offerings with the Chevy of the other guys. A Panda 2 would be a closer comparison.

Have you looked at the FEZ Panda II / Domino offerings?

How does 16MB of ram compare to arduino?

You’re definitely comparing apples to Passionfruit. Let me give you the equivalent(?) GHI board…

FEZ Panda-II = $40
Cellular = $60
SD = included
Display = $10

TOTAL: $110

However, if you compare specs and ease of use to arduino you’ll find you’re still getting a Cadillac…

Ian, and all: Thanks!

Ian, what display are you thinking of for $10? (Inquiring minds want to know!)


Using the Panda II, what is best way to do cellular?

Can I use the GHI Cellular module, or should I use the 5100B shield that is in the arduino world?


Probably the “raw HD44780” you quoted in your chart. With the 50+ I/Os on the Panda II, feel free to use the full 8-bit mode!

Yep, I just went with the same one you picked out for the Spider. There’s a tutorial on the Wiki for how to run it from a FEZ :slight_smile: You can get that display at adafruit.com for about that price.

I’ve never messed with cellular. I was going off the assumption you had already picked one out that worked with a netduino. Anything that works there should work on FEZ products too.

The module I think you’re talking about is a Gadgeteer module (which hasn’t made it through customs yet…) and is therefore expecting you to have a Gadgeteer with matching plugs. However, it’s not out of the question to build a shield that would allow you to use it on both. However, you would have to create your own driver if one’s not already available for that component.

Dont you also need a celular module that has a TCP/IP stack on the module? Panda doesn’t have the nice PPP stuff…

The gadgeteer cell module has TCP stack built in.

To All: Thanks a TON

The support on this forum is hot. I am a GHI convert! (And ordered my first set of gear from GHI web site yesterday!)

Awesome! Welcome to the community. I look forward to seeing your project when it’s complete!