BSOD on Cerbuino

So i finally got my first pretty blue screen on a Bee…

VS sat on “Debugger not in an initialized state, rebooting” i got tired of waiting (normal goes thru straight away) and pressed the reset button and got the below.

All the latest and greatest firmwares etc.

After a few quick tests it appears to only happen for me if it’s hung on rebooting and pressing reset…

This issue has previously been reported… can’t find the thread at the moment…

BTW, that’s the first time I’ve ever smiled when seeing a BSOD :slight_smile:

@ ransomhall - Yeah i was pretty sure it was around as well but i couldn’t find it either hence why i posted.

Everyone needs a daily smile :slight_smile:

Was this the BSOD with the latest firmware? If so, this is the first this has happened with the latest firmware. However, the BSOD has been happening to me personally while not even using the Cerb boards. It seems to be connected to the USB or my NVidia card because of using a USB adapter for duel monitors.

@ Aron - Yup all the latest updates.

I do note that sometimes my laptop (Dell XPS15z) wont boot if there is anything plugged into USB…

Hi, I installed the .net 4.2 with QFE2 on my windows 7 laptop. I also upgraded my cerberus firmware to But, I am still getting blue screens about every 3rd download.

It’s sooo frustrating:( Anyone found a resolution outside of waiting for netmf 4.3?

My system shows QFE1 and QFE2 installed. Should I uninstall QFE1?


This is an old thread which was discussing a problem on another device. If you are getting blue screens on your PC every every third deploy(?), you have a different issue.

For a better response, start a new thread.

The SDK with winUSB framework is very close now.


Hi Mike, question has been answered by Gus so no need for a new thread.

The blue screens started the day I installed 4.2. I never had one prior to that in all my work with 4.1 and the Panda. So, either its huge coincidence or it’s the same issue others have mentioned? If it’s a coincidence, I need to get a lottery ticket…

Thanks Gus. I’ll wait for that to come out.

If it is a coincidence then don’t bother with a lottery ticket. You already had your “one time”. :slight_smile:

Best news I have heard all day! I still get BSODs if I am not careful and sometimes have to reflash bootloader and firmware just to get devices to load a rebuilt app.

I encountered a similar problem in the Hydra / Spider for 4.1 NETMF.
At the time of publication do not touch the device (not de-energize and reset)
It is better to interrupt publication in the studio and wait for completion, and then restart the device.