Brushless motor ESC for aircrafts

on Fezzer:
I’m using this on my Quadrocopter project.

Very nice! You saw my ESC lib as well, right?

When do we get to see the quadcopter dancing?

It’s dancing slowly :wink: I’ve almost no free time. To much work, I have to finish a HVAC controller for solar houses (~95% solar covering) with web interface. It’s written in C# btw :wink: It’s running at a Beckhoff PLC (WinCE5). Maybe there will be a .netmf version, but I’m not the best in designing hardware circuts… hmm, I’m running off the topic :slight_smile:

Hello Chris,
I was looking for microcontroller and bldc controller to control 2 bldc motor so I have seen your implementation.

BrushlessMotor m1 = new BrushlessMotor((PWM.Pin) FEZ_Pin.PWM.Di9);
BrushlessMotor m2 = new BrushlessMotor((PWM.Pin) FEZ_Pin.PWM.Di10);

could you please inform me which controller/products/motor you have used?

Thanks in advance

I’ve used Hobbyking SS Series 60-70A ESC’s. These can be used with up to 400Hz.
Motors are four TR 35-48-C 800kv Brushless Outrunner Eq: AXi 2826.
But the ESC and motors I used are for a VERY big quadrocopter.

hi chris,
thx for your reply and which mainboard/microcontroller you have used? netduino?
I already have 2x bldc motors and 2x bldc controller named BL-Ctrl 2.0

do you think these parts are compatible with that mainboard you have used?

I’ve used a FezDomino, but a Netduino will also work.
These BL-Ctrl 2.0 are controlled by an IC2 bus, that means you cannot use my Brushless driver. You have to write your own according to the BL-Ctrl 2.0 Specs. But that shouldn’t be to hard.

If you want to build a quadrocopter with a .netmf device please keep in mind that you could face into some flight stability problems because of the fact that the netmf is not realtime!

There are some threads in this forums and also in the netduino forums about that problem.

No really, with RLP, you can handle realtime tasks. The threads you see are old before RLP was available on Panda/Domino

hi chris thx again,
where/how can I connect these two BL-Ctrl to TinyCLR FEZ Domino’s I2C interface?? or do I need for each BL-Ctrl one FEZDomino?

I2C is a bus, that means you can connect all BL-Ctrl’s to same connection, up to 8 according to the manuals of BL-Ctrl. You have to give each BL-Ctrl an unique address. You should get the information which commands are needed to control the BL-Ctrl’s. A good place to start is in the twimaster.c of Mikrokopter FlightCtrl.