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Broken link on new website



i found a broken link on the new website.

Could you please fix it?

Thank you very much.



This is not longer used as all products have been moved to GHI main website.

How did you get to that image? From what page?


Hi Gus,

the link was on a forum discussion about SD format issue. Here it is the url:

It is a post of yours. Could you please send me the image? I really need to solve the SD format issue and I would like to see the image to test if a capacitor solve the problem.

Bye and thank you very much.



If its the domino picture you need its here.

Just click to enlarge.

C10 is just above the 5V output pin…

Cheers Ian


Uhm, thank you very much. I thought the image had also the capacitor added. Perhaps you are right, it was only the domino pic enlarged.
Do you think I can try to add a capacitor in parallel also on Rhino? The rhino capacitor number is the same (C10)?

Thank you very much for your help.


Just check the Rhino schematics to double check the cap IS the same one.

I’ve looked and can’t find the schematics. You need to check it as it looks like (C8) to me…

Better wait for Gus…

Cheers Ian