Bridge-uino interested?

I know some of you are arduino experts or at least used it in the past. I want to get your opinion on this.

What about we start a project to bridge the gap between gadgeteer and arduino?

This has 2 sides:

  1. A c# library that mimic the arduino libs for those who just came to gadgeteer and netmf.
  2. A native library for gadgeteer modules. This is mainly for arduino but nothing says you can’t use on any micro.

Please vote if community should do this or not and let us know if you are willing to contribute. Small or big, it doesn’t matter as long as you can help.

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I’d be willing to update my BASIC port to support Arduino’s script.

This sounds interesting, it’s a nice way to start the ball rolling.if you do go ahead and do it then we need to get as much noise made about it as possible.

While this might be an interesting exercise, I have my doubts about how much real value it would add. If they’ve gotten this far then they are probably ready to learn something new / better. What I think would be more valuable would be an “Idiot’s Guide to C# for Arduino Programmers” that would basically step them through how to do all the patterns they are used to in Arduino and show the equivalent in C#.

We need a way to connect Gadgeteer modules to Arduino first… :wink:

#1 doesn’t make a WHOLE lot of sense if #2 happened. If #2 was available, then #1 would simply be a slow expensive alternative to #2.

Already most of the things that are Gadgeteer modules have Arduino libraries available. I’d probably start #2 with those modules that aren’t already well-supported on Arduino.

I disagree, otherwise, everyone here will stop using NETMF and go get them an arduino.

Either an Arduino user sees the light or they don’t. Having an Arduino like .NET library is not going to be a magical solution to get them to migrate to .NET.

As far as a set of Arduino libraries… This might be a good idea along a 5x breakout module set with headers.

That is an easy one, right? A shield with gadgeteer sockets.

Is a Gadgeteer shield really practical? There would have be a pre-defined set of
socket types, which would limit the mix of what could be attached. For example,
adding multiple uart devices? Unless, the sockets were uncommitted, and the
users could wire them to their requirements.

If consideration is being given to targeting Arduino users for Gadgeteer modules,
how about targeting USBizi users with libraries?

If it does happen, I would be willing to work on the documentation if that wold be helpful.

Yes, this one:

Not really what I had in mind… :wink:

If you’re implying that I may be an Arduino user, I’m not. I don’t own one, and never have. I’m simply saying that if your NETMF board is programmed just like an Arduino, what would be the point of NETMF?

Maybe I completely misunderstood the proposal?

Guessing it might be the honey to attract Arduino devs to the hardware platform. Then they can be shown wonders of NETMF Gadgeteer.

Sorry, you were not a consideration when I posted my opinion.

You do not own one! I am surprised as you always talked about it as being the best thing! I actually was thinking to myself, how come you are active on this forum but you love arduino so much. I learned something new today.

The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.

I have several Arduinos!

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I like my Arduino.

Instead of a set of libraries what about a converter of arduino code to c# just like those we see online for c# to vb and so on…

Another option perhaps – probably way to complicated for the scope of this project, and GHI given all they are working on, would be to perhaps implement Wiring in RLP.