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Bretts Friday Panel



That was too little bit! Post a longer video. Pleaaaassseeee…


I need to be careful to not over stimulate @Brett :rofl:


too bad, you had me drooling at video :slight_smile: Neoden


still waiting for the shot of the full finished panel, reflowed and all


Single is all you get for now :stuck_out_tongue:


couldn’t line a couple of them up so you could see the F and the U key on the keyboard? :stuck_out_tongue:



Just to prove its not all smoke and mirrors - i give you the blinkie test :grinning:


better not let the police see you emulating an emergency services display


This better? :stuck_out_tongue:


cool, it’s Gadgeteer Friday all over again !

And yes, that totally whitewashes the emergency services strobes. The Disco Police called though ! :wink:


Lets bring gadgeteer back… #gadgeterforever