Brett’s LED Intervention™

Pfft - let’s be honest here…@ Brett is obviously in denial…

So intervention time :smiley:

Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nickel driving it all including the LED strip via a WinForms BLE app.

That should cure his delusions :clap:


Has anyone seen those LED filament strips mikeselectricstuff is playing with. First person to build and share something with them wins a trip to Justin’s beach(excludes flights and accommodation)


@ hagster - there was the mention of ebay …

Edit: Maybe the edison vintage can be of help.

@ Hagster,

still interrested in those LED filaments ?

found some references in a project on the Elektor labs site. They made a 8 cm x 11 cm 7-Segment digit of it.

Project on Elektor Labs : Elektor - Learn, Design & Share electronics | Elektor Magazine

Ebay to buy seperate filaments : 1W COB LED Filament Light Source for LED Bulb Globe Light Pure Warm White DIY | eBay or 20 Pcs 1W 17mA 120-130LM/W 2800-3000K White Light 19 Chip LED Bulb Filament | eBay