Breadboard to use with Standoff Pack


Any ideas where I can buy a “breadboard” to use with standoff pack? See attached image for what I am looking for (effectively a piece of plastic with holes in it).

Thanks in advance.

I am using two of these:

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Also using the one Mike pointed to.

You can see it in the back of this picture:

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I love those black baseboards that are shown in the pic from TechDev. Anyone know where we can get those?

@ Mike & @ GMod(Errol) - Thanks for the recommendation. Looks exactly like what I need.

@ HughB - The images were shown off in the Gadgeteer Standoff Pack product page ( Maybe someone from GHI knows, although it might be custom made (with the right equipment it is relatively easy to fabricate one of these to the specs you want).

I think that the GHI team were experimenting with them but havent made any descisions. I was wondering if they were sourced by GHI or if they were made in house by GHI. Im hoping that eitherway they become available somewhere. Im going to get some of the tamiya boards anyway.

This is the sort of mounting board that I was thinking of making (referenced in this thread: )

Do you want it with the grid holes like shown in the picture, or distinct positions recessed in the board for the modules?

@ stevepresley - I am currently still prototyping (tamiya boards will do just fine for now). I would however be interested in either a custom sized mounting board w/ grid holes or one with recessed positions at a later stage.

I keep meaning to try these Nwazet stackable plates [link], might even be able to mount larger components over the top of smaller ones on the same side of the plate with the right sized standoffs.

Wow, those are well thought out, and priced right. I may pick up some of those to give Bertrand some well deserved business and still probably come up with a couple of designs on my own.

I ordered some new acrylic bits and acrylic sheets to cut out some of my prototypes this weekend… will post a link to the new thread with pics when they are up.

I may want to buy your prototypes. I’m about to order some Pololu boards to mount some demos on that I’m giving at conferences next month. If this is a possibility, send me pics & price when you’re done. I’d much rather demo on something built by a FEZer :wink:

Thanks for the interest - I’m a big fan of supporting people in the various communities I work with too! Shoot me your contact info through Contact Me – so we can continue the conversation off-line.

If anyone else is interested in seeing prototypes and giving feedback, feel free to shoot me a note through the link above as well.