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Breadboard tiny scope/logic analyser


Has anyone tried this product ?
Sounds fun for educational purposes :slight_smile:


Whaaa?!?!?!?!! that is small. :slight_smile:






For that price this might be a cool thing to play with :o
Nothing serious ofcourse, but at least pretty cheap ;D


Cool, but useless in a serious electronics lab. I have ranted enough about toy scopes such as this one. Serious work, serious scope.

Actually, a scope would be easy enough to make with a DSP and a FEZ. Surprised nobody’s done it yet.


@ Chris - Why does it have to be serious? IF you’ve already ranted enough, then please don’t continue to do so. You only succeed in sucking the fun right out of this topic. :naughty:


As I said, this is mostly for educational purposes : I remember beeing at school, with a “real scope” of 40 lbs to share between 5 to 10 students to watch simple things… Then here you can afford to have a “tiny” scope per student during labs practice, with some “real scope” available in case of need.

Furthermore, I think this is important for students to understand what they can see, and what they can not see with every tool they have available. I remember a course at university (actualy given by my father :wink: ) with a high end digital scope, and beside it a good analog scope. The course was about watching things with a middle range analog scope that you couldn’t see with a digital scope because of its inner limitations. Of course, now the digital scopes have evolved a lot ! At home I have a good digital multimeter. But more than often, I get back to the analog needle one because some things you can not see with it…

So there are tools for professionnals doing professional things, and tiny helpers for people trying to get into the diy realm and beeing amazed discovering the things they can build by themselves !

Anyway, I ordered one, because I love to play and beeing amazed, and will let you know guys if I am able to do anything with it ! I’m curious about the I2C analyser, etc !

Have FUN ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am considering of ordering on too.
It’s just a handy piece for a nice price.
I would really like to own a scope, preferably a digital one with 40mhz or so.
But why spend $600 when it can be done (for now) with $50?!

Of course a $50 scope cannot compare to a $600 scope, but what the hell, it’s about tinkering with DIY stuff. I can always buy a better one.