BrainPad.NET and Scratch


I have the brainpad working fine on my Windows 7 box, one USB to the Deploy/Debug port and one
USB to the mikroBus via an FTDI cable.

The Gateway is setup fine, both ports are recognized. I run the Scatch program, load the Experimental HTTP extension.

I can write basic programs and all seems to work, however none of the lights/leds/sensors appear to be functioning.

The display is showing normal diagnositic messages ok. When I try to read the temp. sensor I simply get a 0.
Attempting to turn on an LED does nothing.

I am running:
Firmware Version:
FirmwareName: BrainPadFirmataApp
Name: G30_G30
Firware Image: BrainPad v4.3.7
ScratchExtension: Brain-Pad-437.s2e

any ideas what is going wrong?