Brainpad links and resources


Just got a new Brainpad in from Digikey, for eval and am struggling to find the downloads for the bootloader firmware, and supporting schematic etc. The online Video support is great, but the links are broken to these resources (must have pointed to old site) …

Can anyone point me to where to get these files?



Does this help?

Thanks for the consideration of your kind response, I’ll check it out.

Did you start on

Please let is know what is missing on the new website. Or where you found bad links.

Also please use the community forum there not this one

Will do!

Here’s were I found my first issue:

This video contained exactly what I was looking for …

for a start, I would not follow that (old) link to a firmware nor use the details in that TechTalk until Gus comes along and sets you straight. This should all be on somewhere.

Those videos are very old. Please go to the new website and if you have any issues or questions please post on the new forum