Brainpad is Braindead?

Whats up with this device?

First - there is not a spec of documentation I can find,
I think I am supposed to treat this thing like a G30 device.

As usual, the USB drivers take many attempts to install and when they finally do they
don’t work.

I create a simple c# example and the thing wont load because of:

"Error 1 An error has occurred: please check your hardware. "

Am I wasting my time on this? Should I wait a few versions until the details get sorted out?

Hi Dale,

First thing is - I wouldn’t panic. Several posts on the same topic won’t get you an answer any quicker.

I can’t help with getting this set up but I wanted to note that this is a low-volume product that has a small following, so it may be some time before you get too much more feedback.

@ Brett - Thanks Brett, that is good to know.

FYI - I’ve setup the GHI chain for the G30, boot loaded the G30 firmware
, created some simple C# programs for a console app and everything works fine.
Installed the Scratch Gateway, firmware update, installed the Scratch 2.0, everything works
except none of the LEDS/Temp/Accel etc. works.

I’ve been in this business for many years so I am no amateur however I can’t peek inside
unless I have source or more information.

It’s too bad because this product was exactly what I was looking for to round out my course offerings
but it seems far too immature at this point to actually use yet.

I haven’t read all of the other posts yet and have a few other fish to fry at the moment, but one thing you can try is to open up the Windows Device Manager and expand the COM ports tree. Find the COM port for the brainpad, right click on it and select Properties. Set 115200,8N1 as the default. This may unblock you.

In some cases, the driver defaults to 9600 8N1 and that introduces a ton of lag (many seconds) and the sensors and LEDs appear not to work.

@ mcalsyn - thanks.

The communication with the brain pad is fine. (I did that setting earlier, it worked in both cases for me).

My problem is the LEDS/Sensors of the brainpad are not working or simply return a 0.

The Brainpad gateway shows 2 USB connections and except for the LED/Sensors the brainpad is
working fine.

I suspect there is a problem between the brainpad and the GHI code controlling the G30.