BrainPad Assembly Reference

Hello, I just got my Brainpad.

I did not see the Brainpad project template after I had installed the .Net Micro Framework and the GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1. I tried various combinations of Visual Studio 2013, 2015, NETFM 4.3 and 4.4 and also copied the target files as suggested.

I then saw the BrainPad.cs Driver Object on the help page. I added this to the project and this helped resolve some of the unknown references. I added Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM so the only remaining assembly I can’t find is GHI.Pins and G30. I looked at the assemblies installed by the SDK and they were applicable to the gadgeteer lineup, but nothing that I could add that had any reference to G30. Could you tell me where to find these assemblies?

Thanks for your help.

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if you did all the steps on the setup page (including running the step that links netmf to a specific Visual Studio version, the 2nd bullet point in step 2, running the VSIX file) then you should get the option to create a BrainPad app as shown in the attached image. Once there, the BrainPad.CS file automatically gets added to your project (along with main.cs and program.cs), and the GHI reference to GHI.Pins is also added in Solution Explorer. If you right click “References” and say Add Reference, you should see GHI.Pins available there (if your setup is right, that is!)

@ Brett - Thanks,

When I originally installed the .NET Micro Framework from the download on the support site, I figured it was installed, so I unchecked the option in the GHI SDK installer to install .NET Microframework 4.3. Once I reinstalled everything with this checked, it worked.

I didn’t quite get that it was not the same thing.

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