Brain Hat for RPi?

[quote]Yeah. The term we use is “Big brain / little brain”. The big brain is an application-level processor (think Cortex-A) and the little brain (or lizard brain) is the real-time microcontroller. It’s always going to flip bits faster and be more deterministic.[/quote] (don’t kill me for posting this please)

So how long before we see a STMF32F4 or better as a hat on a RPi? I’d like that very much. It would save me the work of having to design one. Also, if someone is talking order for such a device, I’d like mine with a gadgeteer S socket and a couple of U sockets please. Further, please have a jumper to redirect debugging to the RPi’s com port so that we can write an application on Win Iot that will transport the debug data over the RPi’s ethernet, instead of me having to run a 32 foot usb cable.

Thanks much!