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This one is aimed at Gus but if you know the answer please help

I’m going to show my GUI to my customer next week
I’ve changed the logo to thier logo on bootup

Can I remove the information messages from screen on bootup?



It is something like: GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.Configuration.LCD.DisableDebugMessages


Thanks Mike

I really don’t mind it bieng thre but for a comercial product it doesn’t need to be there


Did it work for you?


Gus doesn’t have every single answer. This is why you have a whole team of engineers monitoring the GHI forums :wink:


Yeah; we just all know Gus’ name :wink:


I work in the north of England… When most of america awakes… I’m off home
So it has to wait for the next new day before I can try anything.

I know Chris must be over there as when I go onto chat, he and everyone else has timed out as they have all gone to the land off nod. I will probably sit here most of the night ( well up to 12.00 GMT) before I crash.

The reason I mention it is so you know i’m not being ignorant with my replies.
also sorry Mike but Gus does usually answer most of the topics in this forum.


I’m on chat right now…I’m usually up with Mark until at least 1-2AM GMT -5.


That worked!!

The command is actually


Thanks again Mike


How did you get this to work?
Where did you place it?


I placed it here

public class Program : Application
        public static Program program;

        public static void Main()
            short[] cx = { 469, 174, 168, 768, 768 };
            short[] cy = { 485, 228, 743, 716, 222 };
            short[] sx = { 240, 48, 40, 432, 432 };
            short[] sy = { 136, 26, 246, 246, 26 };
            // The start-up logo will take effect after the first reset
            Bitmap logo = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.logo);
            Configuration.StartUpLogo.Set(logo.GetBitmap(), (SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth - logo.Width) / 2, (SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight - logo.Height) / 2);
            Program program = new Program();    

            // Enable touch
            TouchCollectorConfiguration.CollectionMethod = CollectionMethod.Native;
            TouchCollectorConfiguration.CollectionMode = CollectionMode.InkAndGesture;
            TouchCollectorConfiguration.TouchMoveFrequency = 5;
                            5, sx, sy, cx, cy);
            Desktop desktopWindow = new Desktop(program);

            // Create the object that configures the GPIO pins to buttons.
            GPIOButtonInputProvider inputProvider = new GPIOButtonInputProvider(null);

            // Start the application.

Just below the code to change the logo
Alot of my project is manipulating exsisting code ( sorry GHI still learning )
The touch results are for my LCD (480 x 272) if anyone needs them they should work near enough.


thanks that did the trick! Time to create a logo now :smiley: