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Bootloader compat with mfdeploy


Any plans to more directly support MFDeploy. Or make some of these work? It would seem to make more sense to support mfdeploy and that api.

Create Application Deployment - Device has old or unsupported configuration
Update Device Keys - error
Device Info - error
Deployment map - error
USB Name - error Device has old or unsupported configuration
USB Configuration - error
Show device info - error
Deployment map - not supported
Deploy firmware - not supported


These are supported on fez cobra. Adding these to smaller devices will eat up a lot of memory for very little benefit


I can understand your reasons. However, the market is ez for newer users. Supporting the standand tool chain would seem to be less confusing in general. I wonder if there could be some kind of way to disable the enhanced code if you don’t want it once your an expert and need those bytes for code. At that point, you are more equiped to deal with tool chain out-side the box. Also the spirt of MF as I understand it is to work the same across platforms with a common experience and leverage same tools. Could be wrong (would not be the last time). As a user example. I wanted to start using the key management stuff, but got stuck at mfdeploy with cryptic error message. And because there is little written on the subject you don’t even have the mfdeploy docs to rely on because the features are not supported. At least if everything worked as expected, you have an On-Ramp and some docs to get started and keep moving.


I understand. Those are things that are very rarely used or never used so taking away very valuable memory to add them would be a bad idea. GHI would rather see your concern and not learn that someone had run out if memory.

You are correct but it is for the overall benefit and tradeoff. I am sure GHI had studied this well enough