Bootable usb mass storage

Is it possible to create bootable Usb mass storage device using .Net Micro Framework?
For example boot sector may be placed into external flash memory or into controllers memory (it is very small like 1-2 kb).

Is NMF follow specification of bootable mass storage can be founded here:


if you mean booting a pc with it, then no.

@ alexeyk - I don’t remember anybody done that before, but I don’t see why not.

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Architect, yes. As a C# programmer I am very interested of done that.
Now I need to learn how Mass Storage works in NMF and how it can implemet bootable mass storage specification.

MRTFEREN, if you can ask, Is the problem in NMF mass storage implementation? Or where is some over issues?

@ alexeyk - it is because the initialisation would be horrible. you’d need to initialise everything manually. The point of the microcontrollers people sell is so that the initialisation code is easy.

If your interested in c# operating systems check out:
Cosmos OS


MRTFEREN thanks! But I am not interested in C# OS.
My target is to create a system protection device. This is composite USB device contains bootable mass storage (to protect PC boot from encrypted HDD) and virtual COM-port device contains some security code.
I choice NMF because it helps me to implement non performance critical security code easily. The only problem is bootable mass storage :wink: