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Boot Time and Splash Screeen



Getting on really well with the system now. One worry I have is that the thing takes several seconds (about 5s)to boot. This would be fine if we could have a message or image on the screen. At the moment we just have a bit text defining configuration.

Is there any way of putting up a flash screen???

Thanks very much.

David Cowan


My PC takes 5 minutes :slight_smile:

If you are using spider is yes you can add splash screen. See the GHI propitiatory library.

Also, you can make the boot up faster by making the heap smaller. Find the method that sets the “custom heap” and make it larger, which in turn makes the heap smaller.


Thanks very much for replying (on a weekend).

I eventually found the relevant bit and got a start up logo on the screen. (easy once you know the keywords (startup logo).

I’m thinking ahead to possible production and I was wondering if it is also possible to remove the configuration text?

Computers may be 60 times slower; unfortunately in my experience people expect mobile devices to be at least 200 times faster than computers. Unreasonable I know.

Thanks again


Yes you can remove the text :slight_smile:


Go on!!! Give us a clue??