Boot issue on ChipworkX

We have been experiencing a boot issue on our ChipworkX

Sometimes at startup we get the following error message ():
Internal Error 0x38.

usually a reboot makes it disappear or removing the chipworkX an replace it in.

Any idea of what it can be? I saw the same problem on the issue called “Boot problem!” but there was no solution and we were advise to raise a new one
thanks in advance for the help

You see this on one of the boards or all? Do you always see it or randomly? Where did you order your module?

Hi, I Just tested with 2 different chipworkX modules and I get the same error message, the numbers after the “internal Error 0x38” are changing but the error is the same.
It happens randomly but it seams that I get the error way more often when 6 of the IO pins are connected, on startup the state of those pins is uncertain meaning that it can be 0v or 3,3v (or some are 0v and other 3,3 V and they can change).

I bought the chipworkX modules from the Czech official GHI revendor but one of the board is 1-2 years old and the other is 2 months old.

If you see this on more than one board then I would say it is not a problem int eh chipworkx itself. What IOs you are saying cause problems?

well not a problem with one specific chipworkX module but more a general problem with all chipworkX modules.

The IO that are used, which I suspect to cause the problem are:


Thanks for your help

I am a little confused.

Are the ChipWorkX modules also being called a board in this sentence? One module is 1-2 years old and the other is 2 months?

Based upon the picture, the ChipWorkX module is going into a custom motherboard, not a ChipWorkX development system. Is this correct?

Has each of the two ChipWorkX modules been tested on more than one motherboard?

Hi Mike,
sorry i will try to be more clear:
I bought a chipworkX development System V1.2 about 1,5 year ago (the dev system comes with a black motherboard and a green chipworkX module), then 2 months ago i bought an extra chipworkX module (just the small green board) from the same re-vendor.

I made a custom board that accept the chipworkX module into it with the Dim 200 connector. So yes the chipworkX modules are going into a custom motherboard. The 2 chipworkX modules have been tested only on one custom motherboard.

So you see this problem on your cust board or on dev kit?

It’s on the custom board, I could try on the dev kit but it would take a lot of effort to set up the test.
But actually I don’t really want to know who’s fault it is, I am only interested into getting it fixed, and to go to the root of this problem any info about this error could help.
I am apparently not the only one who faced it (as mention on the original post) so I hope someone has some ideas.

The custom board is connecting the chipworkX board to a CPLD on the pins


and the state of those pins makes the error appear more often. The CPLD and the ChipworkX module are connected to the same power supply and on startup there is a moment of uncertainty on the pins that could cause this error. Is there any known design rules on the chipworkX module to avoid such problems?
Is this error a tinyclr error? and if yes what does it means?
thanks a lot

By “is it a tinyClr” error I meant: is it an error message coming from .NET MICRO or from lower layer ?

I looked at these pins and they all are just GPIO with no special purpose.

Are you feeding in voltages higher than 3.3V on these pins? Like you have 5V circuits connected to them?

Hi Gus, yeah i see what you mean it really seams like a power issue but we just tested and we don’t have any 5V coming back to the IO.

But during this last test, we noticed that it is certainly a problem with the power.

We are controlling step motors controllers and on power startup they all start for a second creating a lot of noise, maybe this is enough to put a bit more than 3,3 V on the IO causing the bootup error on the chipworkX module.

I was hoping someone could tell me what this error actually means, since there is a error number there must be a description of what this error means, but I can’t find the info anywhere.

thanks for your help

If this is done commercially, and I probably is, you should have your motor circuit completely isolated optically. This is standard on commercial stepper motors for obvious reasons.

With a power/noise issue, it is likely that the processor and/or memory went into some unknown state. The error most likely has no meaning.

Hi Gus,
yes it is for a commercial application so yes we need to isolate it to avoid any noise going back to the board.
what do you mean by “optically”?

We will run some power tests to see if anything out of the ordinary comes back to the chipworkX module when the error happens.

I still want to find the exact cause of the issue and then apply a fix to fix it. Since it is for a commercial product I want to be sure that by adding a filter we are not only reducing the reproduction rate of a still existing error.

I will post the results on the forum but if you have ideas on possible cause please keep posting.

thanks a lot for the help, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: