Book version 1.04

Sam was nice enough to go over the book again! He still found more typos and fixed them, thanks Sam.

I also learned that watchdog can’t be disabled so I updated the book with this info. Want to know why? Read the book :slight_smile:

(link removed)

Here the 1.04

Tks for all

Miguel Wisintainer

Thanks Miguel, the PDF is online

French guide updated to 1.04 on the project page.

Something to note : pages 149/150, there are two identical examples but the second one was supposed to use InputPort instead of InterruptPort.
I have removed the second one since the third one is correct.

Also removed the “???” at the end of the text page 150.

Thanks for catching the errors. I will fix in future.

By the way, you are not updating the change log but that is okay. Maybe add it next time. I already have your translation online

What do you mean by “not updating the change log” ?

When I upload a new version of the file, I add a comment like “Updated to version 1.04”. This is shown in the “Recent changes” page and in the file history. Is this a wrong way to do it ?

On the following screenshot, I’ve updated the Free eBook page to reflect the version change (in addition to the uploaded file, of course).

I wasn’t talking about the wiki :slight_smile: There is a page in the book with a list of changes :wink:

lol ! Still holidays in my head :-[

New version uploaded to Wiki.

Btw, I think that we should use another way for the (next ?) translations. This is not very easy to track down what has changed if we have to re-read the entire book :frowning:
It’s ok for new sections, but not applicable for small changes in multiple places.

What about sending the .odt on the Wiki instead of a .zip ? We could then use the diff output to see the changes you (GHI) have made to the original document and update them in our translations ?

using diff on the original document…sounds good.

I actually realized this is very difficult especially in future when we have other languages too!

This is why I do not want to add to the book any longer. I think it is complete anyway. It is missing advanced topics and the book is meant for the very beginners.

So, it is not important what we do now since there are no plans on making any changes…maybe minor changes like bugs in code.


Do you know how much guys already downloaded the Brazilian version ?



I think that is good how we are doing the translation process.

I suggest in log changes more details of changes…we loose some time to understand…