BMP085 (Barometer)

I’ve got a BMP085 as a barometer but I work on a Cerbuino. I use the display_N18 GHI module to show up to me what it gets. And I connect my barometer on the cerbuino by using an Extender ( As shown underneath). Unfortunately it doesn’t work… Do you know how to do ?

|BMP085 - Extender|
| VCC ----- 3.3V |
| GND ----- GND |
| SCL ------- P9 |
| SDA ------- P8 |

ProgramStarted method can’t have an infinite loop in it. Please start another thread where you will have infinite loop. You will also need to give the rest of the system time so add Thread.sleep in your loop.

I have working BMP085 on Cerberus (no code to share) but as Architect says, you need to let ProgramStarted() complete as the framework is not completely initialised. In my code, I simply use a timer to collect samples at a regular interval