Bluetooth Smart and Windows 8.1

Here you go trend setters - Windows 8.1 WinRT app talking to a Gadgeteer Bluetooth Smart Module :slight_smile:

Edit - weee blog about it


Excellent. Code?

C# :wink:

@ Gus - Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Going to whip up a demo controlling a Cerbot using the Tablets Accel / Mag
When that is done i will add it to code share etc…


I think many would want to see both sides of the code to understand how to handle communication between a device and a PC.

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@ Justin - Really smart demo man! Kudos.

which bluetooth module you using…cool demo

@ zigbox - BlueGiga BLE112

Thanks Justin…did you create your own drivers? DId you use the BGScript or is it pretty easy to use?

@ zigbox - BGScript, pretty easy to use.

@ Justin - That is an excellent demo… I hope you have a few spare BT modules, I definitely want to order one.

And i hope you have a TI CC Debugger :wink:

Clearly I have much to learn about Bluetooth… I had to google TI CC Debugger. OK, I will stick to just being impressed with the cool demo :slight_smile:

If anyone is remotely interested…



Justin, how did you connect it to the uP. Can i connect the BLe112 directly to my computer com port? Do you have a schematic?

@ anthonys - My module uses Uart but you can directly connect the BLE112 to USB and it will show as a com port. It just requires 3 resistors a couple of caps and the correct firmware.

What are you trying to achieve?

Just want start playing with a ble112 I have. Does the default firmware support USB? want program one to do some automation…you know…the fun stuff

You will need to flash it with a cc debugger to turn on usb support then away you go.
There are example projects and schematics in the Blue giga SDK.